Todd Scott Miller



“More than just a pretty face…”

Well…maybe…With over 30 years of work experience, I have honed my acting skills to a razor’s edge so fine and so sharp that it would leave the most grizzled Canadian lumberjack with a shave smoother than a baby’s butt. From acting like the last PowerPoint presentation wasn’t the most boring 50 minutes of my life to acting like I’m working while in a deep comalike sleep, my acting repertoire is exceedingly sophisticated and diverse.

I might be funny too, particularly if you laughed at any of that previous paragraph, which is as honest as it is true. I’m a published author with a book on Life Planning as well as a professional speaker.

My athletic skills are equally impressive with a long career of striking out in between home runs. I have played baseball, football, and tennis. I’ve been weight training for a very long time, which makes me suddenly feel like I should have seen much more dramatic results by now. I reached the blue belt level in Tae Kwon Do, and I recently took up boxing.

I’m presently writing a script for a one man play about my life that I intend to take to the stage in 2021, assuming stages are open again, and audiences are allowed out of their houses. It is more of an origins story as each of us is a hero to someone, or at least we have the power and the opportunity to be should we accept the responsibility.